Quote on Canvas

This is the first half of a set of two canvases that will read “So plant your own garden and decorate your soul with flowers instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers,” from the poem “After a While” by Veronica Shoffstall.

I cut out scraps of flowers and floral patterns from magazines (bridal magazines are gold mines) and glued them down with mod podge. Then I laid out the words with vinyl letters, painted the canvas black, peeled off the stickers after the paint dried, and added a coat of mod podge to finish it off. 

Full tutorial here.

DIY Anchor Statement Wall

Turn a plain white wall into a unique statement wall by making your own stamp and painting a repeating pattern on the wall. 

DIY Clothespin Color Burst Mirror

Spice up a mirror by painting clothespins and gluing them around the mirror to add a splash of color.

DIY Broken Record Wall Art

Break apart an old scratched record and mount it on a canvas to make a unique decoration.

DIY Stenciled Box

Paint over that old shoebox and add your own design to it with stencils to transform it into a fun storage box.

DIY Color Dipped Photos

Give your Polaroid photos a pop of color with tape and acrylic paint!

DIY Clay Dish

Using polymer clay, make a dish you can paint and use to display your jewelry.    

DIY Painted Quote on Canvas

A quote painted on canvas in an ombre effect makes a perfect, personalized graduation gift or even just decoration in your home.

DIY Painterly iPhone Case

Customize your own iPhone case for less than $5! The author of this tutorial created an ombre painterly design, but with a clear case (only $2 on Amazon) and some acrylic paint, the possibilities are endless.

DIY Watercolor Spritzed Envelopes