DIY Felt Polaroid Banner

Love the look of Polaroids but don’t want to fork over the money for the camera and countless expensive packs of film? Make your own Polaroid frames!

DIY Repotted Succulents

Put your used coffee grinds to use and repot your new succulents.

DIY Faux Gold Cuff Earrings

Make your own cuff earrings using clay!

DIY Marquee Letters

wake & whimsy’s light up marquee letters

my sister’s suitcase glitter marquee letters

tater tots and jello’s wood marquee letters

These marquee letters would make great dorm room decorations.


so now i’m standing on the overpass screaming at the cars

aug. 29, 2014

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DIY No-Sew Beanie From Sweater

Repurpose an old sweater than doesn’t fit anymore or a thrift store find into a cute slouchy beanie, just in time for fall.

seashell candles

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DIY Pastel Gemstone Necklace

Using clay and a gemstone mould, you can make your own gemstone necklace charms.

DIY Pineapple Art

Make this cute pineapple art to hang in your home!

4 am doodles

aug. 29, 2014

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