Framed Jewelry Display

I bought this large photo frame (I think it’s 11”x35”) from WalMart for a few bucks, and naturally, the plexiglass broke as soon as I took the plastic wrapping off. Since I didn’t want to waste the frame, I decided to turn it into a jewelry display. This is a larger-scale version of the Framed Earring Display.

For each line, I cut three strands of wire a little longer than the width of the frame and twisted them together. Then I used a staple gun to fasten them to the back of the frame, each spaced 4” apart. At the top are my stud earrings, poked through the spaces in between the twisted wires. Then my dangly earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other miscellaneous jewelry.

For tutorials on the bracelets in the bottom right photo…

braided bead bracelets

wrap bracelets

beaded leather bracelet

beaded wrap bracelet/beaded morse code bracelet

DIY Tapestry Phone Case

Make a plain phone case unique using fabric scraps and embroidery thread.

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Spice up a pair of plain sandals with leather, glue, and buttons.

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doodles (at Kruse and Muer on Main)

To the person who asked for a full picture of the New York mug- I hope these help! 

original post here

DIY Tree Branch Jewelry Holder

Keep your jewelry organized using a tree branch you can find in your backyard. Not only useful, it doubles as lovely wall decor.

DIY Mosaic Tile Birdbath

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Anonymous asked: what's pointillism

I’m hoping in the 8 hours since you sent this ask you’ve taken the time to google it.

anonclicheusername asked: Hi so I was wondering how you made the city design with the sharpies on that cup

I looked on google images for a silhouette of the NYC skyline (I think I ended up using this one), printed it out so it was as long as the circumference of my mug, traced it onto the mug in pencil, and used a black sharpie to fill it in with pointillism.

It took a long time.