DIY Leaf Sweatshirt Restyle

Spruce up a plain sweatshirt with a seasonal leaf wreath! 

If you’re like me and you avoid sewing at all costs, try using the no-sew technique from this tutorial for a skeleton sweater.

DIY Pumpkin Candles

Get into the Halloween and fall spirit with these pumpkin candles!

Sharpie Mug

A DIY project that has grown increasingly popular is the Sharpie mug. It’s so easy- all you have to do is draw on a mug with Sharpie, bake it in your own kitchen oven, and you have your own personalized mug! 

I thought I would try this on a porcelain coffee mug. I bought a two pack of “I Am Not a Paper Cup” mugs from Amazon for about $10 each. I drew my design of waves and opposite sunrise and night skies. I just used regular Sharpies- many tutorials suggest using oil-based Sharpies or porcelain pens, but those aren’t necessary. They’d definitely work better, but regular Sharpies shouldn’t have a problem. 

After I was finished drawing (several days later) I baked it in my oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes. I learned a couple tips from reading other tutorials online:

  • Put your mug in the oven while it’s preheating, and start the timer as soon as you turn the oven on. The mug needs to gradually heat up with the oven, otherwise it might crack.
  • Don’t immediately take the mug out after the 15 minutes are up. Turn off the oven and open the door so the mug can gradually cool off. Again, if you abruptly change the temperature, you risk cracking the mug. 
  • Sharpie markers tend to change color or even fade when they’re baked. That’s why I limited it to 15 minutes in the oven, because I’m afraid if I left it in there any longer the colors wouldn’t be as vibrant.

Once I finished baking my mug, I painted several coats of Mod Podge on it. After baking, the Sharpie should be fairly water-resistant and fade-resistant, but since I plan on using this mug a lot, I wanted a clear coat just to be safe. 

I’ve heard varying opinions on whether or not these are dishwasher-safe. I haven’t tried it, and I don’t plan to, only because this mug took me such a long time and I don’t want to run any risk of messing it up. 

I’ve gotten so many compliments on this mug, even questions like “Where did you buy that mug?” People are so surprised when I tell them I drew it myself, but they don’t realize it’s such a simple art project, if you have the time and eye for it, and maybe you’re a perfectionist like me.

Just a caveat, I read in many reviews on Amazon that these mugs are extremely prone to breaking since they’re porcelain, so here’s to hoping I don’t ever drop it!

Quote on Canvas

This is the first half of a set of two canvases that will read “So plant your own garden and decorate your soul with flowers instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers,” from the poem “After a While” by Veronica Shoffstall.

I cut out scraps of flowers and floral patterns from magazines (bridal magazines are gold mines) and glued them down with mod podge. Then I laid out the words with vinyl letters, painted the canvas black, peeled off the stickers after the paint dried, and added a coat of mod podge to finish it off. 

Full tutorial here.

DIY Photo Playing Cards

Customize an ordinary deck of cards with photos!

DIY Distressed Mason Jars

Use acrylic paint to color mason jars, then make them even more unique by distressing the paint and adding designs with sandpaper.

DIY Floral Boots

Restyle a pair of plain lace up boots by gluing decorative fabric onto a section of them.

DIY Bleached-Dipped Aztec Jeans

Dipped dyed aztec shorts are everywhere, and you can do the same thing to the ankles on a pair of jeans!

DIY Anchor Statement Wall

Turn a plain white wall into a unique statement wall by making your own stamp and painting a repeating pattern on the wall. 

DIY Clothespin Color Burst Mirror

Spice up a mirror by painting clothespins and gluing them around the mirror to add a splash of color.