would anybody be interested in buying these American Apparel sunflower high-waist shorts?

  • size 24/25
  • tags removed, but never worn or washed
  • selling for $35 (originally $60)
  • payment accepted through PayPal

message me if interested!

nerdy-tangent asked: This isn't a question but I have to saw your blog is so great. Creative and inspirational, thank you so much :) I've only been looking at it for about 5 mins and I'm already in love with it haha

aww, thank you so much! I’m glad I could share some inspiration

Anonymous asked: Can I take you pic's and your comments under the pic and put it in my a count on Instagram?

of course! if they’re just tutorials I post, then definitely. but if it’s some of my own work, I’d really appreciate if you linked to this blog or tagged my Instagram account (@lilly__nguyen) ((two underscores))

too-cloudy asked: Your blog is perfect

thank you!!

brandypacheco asked: Hi I'm a new follower. How do you come up with all these things?

I can’t take credit for most of them, I love finding things online. But I do consider myself an artist (photographer and occasional drawer/painter) so I always try to put my own spin on any craft I do.¬†

DIY Shoebox Pin Board

Hang a shoebox on your wall to display jewelry, photos, etc.

DIY Bobby Pin Looks

Make a statement with pinned hair using colorful bobby pins!

DIY Pencil Holder

A pencil holder made of pencils!

DIY Wood Slice Shelves

Give your home an earthy look with these wood slice shelves!

DIY Embroidery Hoop Ring Holder

Showcase your rings by displaying them on an embroidery hoop to hang on your wall.